SEO & Social Media Marketing – A Revisit

SEO & Social Media Marketing

To get higher viewership and hits from the masses, you need to ensure that your website stays afloat on the top and ranks more in organic (or “natural”) search results. The technique used to obtain these results; you need to take help of Search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is a broader topic. SMM is a phrase used to explain or illustrate all marketing strategies for search.

You need to know how a web site is developed and what role it plays in the market. The content plays a very important role in SEO as you need to do a proper research on the keywords and phrases that need to be used.

Some responsibilities to include in the SEO work description would be to:

  • Make sure that all websites and internet properties are technically optimized. This will create a center of attention and engage visitors who closely match the approved silhouette of the target audience
  • Generate the essential technical architecture
  • Build and ensure that all the content is optimized across platforms like websites, mobile, social, video, blogs, retail portals etc and user experiences as well
  • Encourage and develop SEO techniques that everyone understands. It should balance the overall marketing and business objective that you need
  • Promote off-site as well as on-site activities that will help to increase and build ranking, profile and traffic

Google goes to social media for SEO rankings and search results where it creates a dynamic new platform where Social media is the new marketing slogan. The art or creating, developing and distributing unique, appropriate and reliable content that creates attention and attracts viewers is the main purpose of content marketing. Its objective is to drive traffic and profit towards the site. It is an ongoing process and non-interrupted marketing strategy that aims of changing or enhancing consumer behavior and keep the viewer or consumer engaged. It is incorporated into your complete marketing strategy. In this process, SEO and content marketing work hand in hand.

SEO and social media specialists need to work in an organised manner to create a collaborative effort to give Google what it wants. Social media comprises of a large range of Internet-based and mobile services that enable people to trade ideas, view and exchange photos and videos and share news stories.

People can contribute content with the use of blogs, wikis and sites. They can join communities and hold online conferences and participate in online discussions. The most famous trends being –

Social Networks – These networks let you to connect and converse with other people of alike interests and background.

Bookmarking Sites – Bookmarking sites let you to save, systematize and administer links to various other websites.

Social News – These sites let users to post various news items or links to other blogs and articles.

Media Sharing – These services let the users upload and share different types online.

Microblogging – These consist of short updates.

Blog Comments and Forums – Online forums and blogs allow users to participate in conversations and post messages.